Sunday, June 3, 2007

Project Part 2

For Curt
Is there any process to deciding what work will go into the cigarette packs? I know something is on the blog about it being for the support of significant work. So how do you define significant?
What kind of things do you get as submissions? Where do they come from and from who?
Do you have a way of tracking where the packs go? It would be very interesting to see where they actually end up.
What kind of response do you get from people, both those who see the packs and those who contribute to them?
What kind of relationship do you think is forged through these cigarette packs, if any? Is it about the relationship that is forged or about the distribution of the work, of information?

For Tim
Who is the guy in the picture? Is he involved in the project with you?
What kind of issues have been talked about? Do you see this project as something that you hope will cause some sort of change? Do you think it can? Do you at all worry that people go to your page, comment and move on with their lives? I guess this depends on the feeling you get from thsoe who post, so what do you think their intentions are and how do they feel about it? Have any of them expressed their feeling about your myspace and the conversations that are created?
What kind of things have you learned from it? You mention that it has changed you, how so?
Would you ever meet with anyone or arrange a meeting to further discuss things or reveal your true identity? Is there a reason why it is more effective to have an alter ego and have it be a myspace thing as opposed to advertising it as a political message board where you raise issues and have people talk about them?

For Ryan
As you have thought about relational aesthetics more have you found any qualities that you see as redeeming for it? Is there really no value in these kinds of interactions or gallery spaces?
How can you really justify dismissing essentially all art since you are saying that making anything art means that nothing is art?
It seems to me that the point of relational aesthetics does not have to do with getting people you already know, i.e. your friends, together but rather to forge new relationships between strangers, whether it be to their face or anonymously. Do you see no difference between what Rirkrit does and what you did, are they both equally not art and perhaps not at all valuable? Is your problem with relational aesthetics merely that it calls itself art or does it transcend mere semantics?

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